Soil Resources from Anne Sawyer


How to make the most of your yard

Backyard Gardening for Nature by Michelle Kalantari.

Selecting native plants

Native Thistles: Important and Misunderstood Plants for Conservation is an on-demand webinar presented by the Science and Technology Training Library of the US Department of Agriculture.

Pollinator Revival has produced a list of annuals that will attract pollinators: Gardening for Pollinators with Annuals.

Native Caterpillars, Moths, and Butterflies and Host Native Woodies

The Importance of Eco-Regions to Native Plantings

Identification guides

How to Identify Native Bees

Minnesota Wildflowers:  A comprehensive on-line resource about wildflowers found in Minnesota.

How-to guides

Take Home Instructions for Your Container of Newly Planted Seeds by Carmen Simonet

How to Propagate Native Plants

How to Start Native Plants from Seed

Germination Times for Native Plants