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Take Home Instructions for Your Newly Planted Seeds

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We had a nice group last night at our January meeting.  Raina Kujawa of Prairie Restorations gave us practical tips on how to plant native seeds, followed by a hands-on seed planting opportunity to practice what we learned.  Click on the “Learn” menu item at the top of this page to find the “Take Home Instructions”.

Dispose of Aquarium Plants Appropriately

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From the Minnesota DNR: “The recent discovery of a non-native aquatic plant in Minnesota is a reminder that people should always dispose of aquarium or water garden plants or animals appropriately – not by releasing them into the environment. Invasive species staff with the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources identified java water dropwort in an isolated… Read more »

Art Meets Ecology

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Thursday evening Vera Wong wowed us with her beautiful illustrations of Hannah Texler’s urban native landscapes. Hannah showed us how much can really be done with a city lot.  She also emphasized the importance of knowing the ecology of the region for successful plantings.  Look at our “Resources” page for the links from Hannah’s presentation, as… Read more »

Lake Phalen Tour

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(Pictures on photos page.) Simba Blood, Natural Resources Technician with the Ramsey-Washington Metro Watershed District, took us on a very informative tour to show us the results of a major,  7-year shoreland restoration of Lake Phalen.  Ms. Blood shared with us the history of the lake and the environmental degradation it had experienced over many… Read more »

Our First Garden Tours

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Today Big River Big Woods members hosted our chapter’s first garden tours.  It was an educational experience for sure.  Anna Newton showed us her newly installed native landscapes which gave us a chance to see young plants in their second season.  Sherry and Rick Sanders took us through their extensive native shoreline restoration and rain… Read more »

Julia’s Garden

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Last night Julia Vanatta gave an extremely interesting presentation on how to design and build a woodland garden and then graciously invited us to tour her garden this Sunday from 1 pm to 5 pm.  Her address is 3408 39th Ave. S., Minneapolis 55406. Julia taught us how important the “duff layer” is to getting a woodland garden… Read more »

Neonicotinoids — “neonics”

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This the time of year to shop for plants to add to our gardens.  Many of us will want to know whether the plants for sale contain neonics.  Unfortunately, sometimes merchants aren’t sure or don’t know, so it would be helpful to be able to ask about their use of specific chemicals.  Neonics are:  … Read more »

Recommended Reading

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Yesterday, as part of her excellent presentation, Carmen Simonet recommended a number of books that would be helpful to anyone who is working on a native landscape design: Principles of Ecological Landscape Design by Travis Beck, Noah’s Garden by Sara Stein, Gardening with Prairie Plants by Sally Wasowski and Andy Wasowski, Pollinators of Native Plants… Read more »

Help Maintain Roseville Parks

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As part of the Natural Resources Renewal Program Leadership Training City of Roseville staff will provide information and train volunteers to restore and maintain Roseville parks on Saturday, April 16, at Oasis Park. For complete information, click on the link in the sidebar. –posted 4/14/16