Regional Ecology Resources

Landscaping with Native Plants in the Context of the Ecology of a Region

Thanks to Hannah Texler for these resources, which are found in her presentation Home is Where the Habitat Is.

Minnesota Department of Natural Resources Landscaping with Native Plants Website
“This web site provides resources for Minnesotans interested in learning more about how to use native plants for small-scale landscaping or gardening.”

Board of Soil and Water Resources Native Vegetation / Seed Mixes Website
A great deal of practical information, including What’s Working: feedback from BWSR grant recipients and other conservation professionals on effective methods of establishing native vegetation for conservation projects.
PDF of Presettlement Vegetation Map

Minnesota Biological Survey County Maps
These maps show the natural communities of today and the original vegetation.
“Natural communities are functional units of the natural landscape, classified and described by considering vegetation, hydrology, landform, soils, and natural disturbance regimes.  The natural community types and subtypes on this map are classified primarily by vegetation and major habitat features.”

Native Plant Communities Fact Sheets (MN DNR)
“A native plant community is a group of native plants that interact with each other and with their environment in ways not greatly altered by modern human activity or by introduced organisms. These groups of native plant species form recognizable units, such as oak savannas, pine forests, or marshes, that tend to repeat over space and time. Native plant communities are classified and described by considering vegetation, hydrology, landforms, soils, and natural disturbance regimes. Examples of natural disturbances include wildfires, severe droughts, windstorms, and floods.”  The fact sheet UPs13 can be useful for the east metro area.

Native Plant Communities
Species Lists for Terrestrial and Palustrine Native Plant Communities in East-Central Minnesota
Published by  Great River Greening, a local non-profit that ” leads community-based restoration of prairies, forests, and waters”.

Species List Report
“This document has a detailed explanation of the project and descriptions of native plant communities. Please read this before exploring the lists.”